About Us

At Woman To Woman Network, our mission is to empower women entrepreneurs by providing meaningful connections, innovative CRM and business tools, and unwavering community support. We strive to create a nurturing environment where women can thrive, share their stories, and elevate their businesses to new heights. Our commitment is to foster a community that champions business innovation, collaboration, and the empowerment of women globally.

Our vision is to be the leading global network for women entrepreneurs, recognized for our dedication to fostering an inclusive and supportive community. We envision a world where every woman entrepreneur, regardless of her background or industry, has the visibility, resources, and support she needs to succeed. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and cultivating a spirit of innovation, we aim to inspire and equip women to lead impactful, sustainable businesses and drive positive change in their communities and beyond

Our Team

The Woman To Woman Network team is made up of various women from different backgrounds, and professions.

Suzanne Peters

CEO & Founder

Tenielle La Barrie

Administrative Assistant

Aroosa Khan

Marketing Assistant

Gayl Benson

Orlando FL

Leslie Tillman

Columbus OH

Mss Francois

Queens NY

Sharon Baker

Columbus GA

Samantha De Loache

Charlotte NC

Teresha Ellerson

Tampa FL

Catrina Clark

Waldorf MD

Carolyn Bobb-Green

Houston TX

Rhonda Sheffield

Fort Lauderdale

Sylvia Grandberry

Miami FL

Mairlyn Lightbourn-Oshodi

Miami FL

Myrrie Hayes

Phoenix AZ

Ryan Hill-Brookins

Phoenix AZ

Darla Hill

Dallas TX

Michelle Brown

Darla Hill

Kimberly Simons

Woodstock GA

Nicole Manuel

Philadelphia PA

Latoya Boyce

New Jersey NJ

Our Story

Embarking on my journey to establish a business in personal growth was tough. I felt alone and didn't know where to look for guidance. With the overwhelming number of apps and tools required to run my business, it was just too much to handle — not to mention expensive. Through dedication and hard work, I created a successful coaching enterprise. Sadly, many new business owners still face these daunting challenges, and this inspired me to act.

Driven by my passion to uplift women in the entrepreneurial world, I teamed up with an advanced enterprise software crafted by leading developers and proven by over 10,000 users worldwide. The result is an exceptional, ready-to-use service featuring a powerful customer relationship management system, social media management and more. Plus, we're committed to offering unmatched support, helping women entrepreneurs reach their business goals.

Initially, getting people to recognize the value in what I offered was tough, despite the apparent need. That's when I discovered the power of networking, which resulted in a 60% growth in my business last year alone. Realizing how effective this was, I began sharing and teaching my networking methods to others.

My dream has since outgrown my individual efforts. But I believe this purpose found me for a reason, and I welcomed it wholeheartedly, ready to nurture it. Now, Woman To Woman Network provides professional networking and support to women business owners and professionals across America. With new ambassadors joining us monthly, our network is ever-expanding and is expected to reach other countries soon.

If you're a woman entrepreneur or professional yearning to connect with a supportive community that can help your business soar, join us. Attend one of our upcoming events and it you can't find one in your city, consider becoming an ambassador for your city. Step into our circle of growth and opportunity, and let's thrive together.

Suzanne Peters

CEO of Woman To Woman Network