welcome to woman to woman

The Woman To Woman Network is an international personal development network , that supports women in creating the life they want and living it to the fullest. Whether you are a house wife, have a full time job or you are an entrepreneur, this is the network for you.

Who we are

We are an international personal development network created by women for women. Our network consists of two types of women. 

1. Women who want more out of life, with a desire to learn how to create the results they want in their business, faith, finances, relationship, self, job and more.

2. Women who are coaches, authors and teachers from around the world, who specialize in their field. We want to help you achieve your highest potential and enjoy all the goodies that life has to offer.  

How can we help you?

There is so much resources available for you on the inside. Imagine having your own tribe of supporters who want to see you reach your highest potential in life. Making amazing connections, accessing exclusive courses and webinars, live workshops, forum discussion and more. All created just for you. We target every area of life including Mindset, Business, Credit & Finance, Faith, Family, Relationships, Career, health and more. Our only goal is to help you create the beautiful life you want. 


    meet the founder

    suzanne peters

    While going through the roughest season of my life, Woman To Woman was the vision I used to keep myself motivated through it all and now I’m willingly sharing it with others. From failed relationships, failed businesses, failed friendships, insecurities and so much more, I thought I was going to lose my mind. But instead it made me stronger. Pain brought forth change and birthed my purpose.