You Are Beautiful

Yes, it is true, you are beautiful beyond any doubt.

Do you know that you are a unique person with a special kind of God gifted beauty which no other person possess. That beauty is something very personal and individual. You must acknowledge that “hidden” beauty within you to know your own worth as a beautiful person.

Beauty is something which can neither be measured by any scale nor can be described in words. It’s an impression which one leaves on others and that impression is the true reflection of many fine characteristics of one’s own personality. I call it “inner beauty”.

If in doubt about your beauty, you may be suffering from some kind of inferiority complex thus badly affecting your professional and family life. Don’t allow the negative forces to ruin your life. Be confident about yourself.

Look straight in the mirror and say with full confidence “I am beautiful”. Wait and let the mirror say “you are beautiful”. On your way to your job, shopping or social engagements, keep repeating “I am beautiful” and let others say “you are beautiful”. Your eyes, ears, nose, lips and even the pores of your skin must say “I am beautiful”. This type of confidence about your own beauty will leave no option to others but to admit that you are beautiful.

Its time to begin a new life as a self-confident beautiful person. You are no doubt a beautiful person.

Written with love.

Deja Marii

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