What I Know For Sure

Woman To Woman

You are meant for so much more.

Your are meant for more than simply going through life, playing it safe waiting to die.

More than just working at a job you hate, until your employer decides they no longer have need for you. More than just living life paycheck to paycheck, or where your career dictates every moment, leaving you exhausted physically and mentally daily.

You are meant for than the lonely life you’ve grown accustomed to, because regardless of what he told you, there’s nothing wrong with you. You will be a blessing to the right man, be patient. Certainly you are more than staying in a relationship, where the love died years ago, being mentally or physically abused, whether for fear of not finding someone else or for the kids. You deserve to be loved unconditionally.

You are meant to live without fear or much stress and possess so much confidence, there’s no room for self doubt or self criticism. You are not meant to be concerned about what others think about you, because you know the only thing that matters is what you think about yourself. Think you are beautiful, confident, strong and you deserve the best.

One thing I’m sure of. You are meant for more.

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