The Importance of “Me Time”

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve heard women say, they don’t have time for their self. Or wanted to do something they enjoy and didn’t because they couldn’t find the time to do it. As a result they push it aside as not being important. But I must object to this. Its time to understand the importance of self care or as I like to call it “Me Time”.

This can be as simple as managing your time. My advice is to schedule your ‘me time’ first. Select a specific time each week that you are going to set aside to do something you want to do, for you. This does not not have to an entire day. Start with baby steps. Whether it be, 1 hour or 4 hours its up to you. Whatever you choose will be perfect.

Then, block out the time on your calendar. Add it in as an appointment and color code it. You can name it “(Your Name) Time”. Make it a priority. Let your family or others know that you are not available during that time. Anything that is needed can wait until after. This is important to remember. You are important. Your time is important. Therefore  “(Your Name) Time” is important. Make it non-negotiable. Make it a priority.

Next, do whatever you want during those hours. It does not matter what you. as long as you do something you want to do, for you. Whether its to take a walk, read a book, run a bubble bath or to simply relax and do nothing. This time is yours to do as you please. Remember, this is YOUR time. Make it sacred. Its your time. Enjoy it.

Make time for the most important person in your life.


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