The Beginning Of A Movement

The Beginning Of A Movement

Being the eldest of four girls has always been highlight of my life. Why? Because I was always conscious of the example I set for my younger sisters. It’s no surprise that I would find myself being the founder of a woman’s empowerment company. However, sometimes we just have to allow life to push us in the direction we are meant to be in.

I founded woman to woman at a time when my life was at its lowest. I was broke, unemployed, depressed and lonely. I knew my life had a bigger purpose than the one I was living. It was by the grace of God and pure will, that I found my purpose and answered my calling. Now a Motivational Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur, I created the life I always wanted and I live it to the fullest.

Its amazing how things change.

At one point in time, I was the wife of an abusive husband. In another time, I was in an unhealthy relationship, filled with deceit, disappointment and sickness. I was even once a successful business woman and lost everything. Needless to say, I became a broke, empty, unhappy woman who seek acceptance from others, to mask my feelings of failure and insecurity . As I look back, I have to admit it has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride from hell. But if given the opportunity I wouldn’t change a thing. It was at the beginning of this ride, that I first started Woman To Woman. You see, without Woman To Woman I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.

Woman To Woman was the magical vision, I used to keep myself motivated through it all and willingly shared it with others. It became an inspiration for other women, and reminded them of their power. I soon realized, there were many women around the world battling similar life’s challenges. Failed relationships, failed businesses, failed friendships, insecurities and so much more. Although this was unfortunate, it allowed me to communicate with other women on a deep personal level.

One thing that is for certain, when you serve others, the universe itself creates doors that open for you. Imagine my surprise, when a radio station invited me to join their cast as a radio personality. I graciously accepted and had the pleasure of conducting a weekly show for women. I addressed women’s issues, conducted interviews and so much more. Another door soon opened, that allowed me to launch my very own television show, The Reveal Reality Makeover Show.

The above photos shows one of my show participant, Samara Julien. I surprised her with the dream prom she always talked about. Samara said it was the happiest day of her life. Sadly, she died two weeks after her prom, of stage 4 cancer. This show changed my view on life, it touched the lives of women nationwide and helped them transform more than just their appearance. I now wanted to do more.

I had a dream of bringing together women to foster personal development and the achievement of goals and dreams. I wanted to empower women, to discover and harness their power within and use it to manifest happiness and success in all areas of their life. This is why I created Woman To Woman. Woman To Woman was calling me and I thankfully I answered, accepted my calling and used it to change my life completely. I created this beautiful life I enjoy today. I now travel the world to uplift women, through speaking and the hosting of empowerment and social events.

This organisation serves as my doorway to women around the world. It will help you when you decide to let it. I pray that it serves you well.

Woman To Woman, you can create a life that you want and love.

Suzanne Peters

Founder, Motivational Speaker, Empowerment Coach