Meet Suzanne

If it’s your first time here, my name is


Motivational Speaker, Author, Law Of Attraction Coach and Founder of Woman To Woman.

I’m here to show you how to create the life you want. A few years ago my life was the opposite of what it is today. I was broke, depressed, lonely and very unhappy. For a long time I hated my life. Until I intentionally set out on a mission to understand the Law Of Attraction and use it to change my life completely. And made a promise to myself, that when I accomplished this goal, I would share my message with the world.

Today I’m living the life of my dreams and use my knowledge and experience, to teach others how to create the life of their dreams. If you are ready and willing to be coachable, I’m here to serve you. My vision for you, is a life rich of love, laughter and longevity.

Suzanne’s Story

Life has been no bed of roses for Suzanne. Over the years she has faced many challenges that were meant to destroy her. And for years managed to maintain her optimistic nature. For years she suffered both emotional and physical abuse at the hands of her ex-husband. It took everything for her to eventually find the strength to leave. What followed was what she calls a series of unfortunate relationships. From her live in boyfriend who repeatedly cheated on her until her give her an STD, to her celebrity boyfriend who constantly lied and cheated, to her other flings. Suzanne no longer believed in love and found herself simply going with the flow.

But it was when her business crashed that her life took a turn for the worst. Suzanne now lost everything, including herself and inherited a mountain of debt. She found herself depressed, miserable, lonely and broke. Since then her life seemed stuck in an endless cycle of wanting and trying to clear the company’s debts and landing flat on her face. After years of this she got tired of it all and found herself in an emotional state, contemplating the best way to take her life. This is also when she first experienced God’s divine intervention.

While deep in thought one night, the music on her phone was interrupted by a Les Brown speech. And for a while her thoughts were distracted. What followed next was Oprah and Jim Carrey talking about the Law Of Attraction. Suzanne eventually turned her full attention to the discussion and began to question the validity of it all. Those questions caused her to want to find out more.


The more Suzanne learned about the Law Of Attraction, and our limitless abilities to create our lives, the more she wanted to know. She soon realized this was the answer she had been looking for all along. She got down on her knees and thanked God for his divine intervention. That night Suzanne took responsibility for where she was in life and pledged that she would she would change her life and made a promise to God that when she did this, she would teach others how to do it.

Over the years that followed, Suzanne successfully changed her life completely. Suzanne is now happily married to a man she believes was created by God just for her. They have a beautiful home overlooking the lake just like she often dreamed about and she successfully launched her dream business.

Now Suzanne is on a mission to use all that she has learned over the years to serve others and empower them to create the life they want and love.

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