Meet Karen Alston

Karen Denise was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, known as the City by the Sea. A 1976 graduate of Savannah High School, Army Reserved Veteran since 1979. She holds an associate degree in Business Administration from Draughons Jr. College of Business and Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from University of Phoenix. Karen Denise is currently pursuing her Master’s in Human Services Counseling at Liberty University. She is a 25+ year survivor of domestic violence, sexual assault and delivered from once being the abuse to the abuser. She is an over comer of depression, suicidal thoughts, anger and bitterness, as one beating was so severe it left her unable to bare children of her own.

Determined to work through her pain and find purpose, joined the National & Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence and fervently serves as an advocate, for survivors of domestic violence. Karen Denise is the CEO/Founder of “4 the Jewel N U Global, Inc. (501© (3) non-profit) and spokesperson for Domestic Dialogue with Denise (D.D.D.). She stands boldly, without fear, and with a humble heart, in an effort to include families & children that have been victimized by the loss of a loved one. Simply put, there is danger in not knowing how to help others. Karen Denise belief is, “there shall be no lack when it comes to helping victims become survivors.” Therefore, she has committed to serve our community and surrounding areas to bring awareness 365 days out of the year.

She has been united with her friend, love of her life, prayer partner and supporter, Rev. Michael Craig Alston since 1993 and the loving daughter of Mrs. Lucille E. Tanksley. Karen Denise and her husband were both licensed as ministers in the year of 1999. On June 20, 2004 she received her certificate of ordination and installed to serve beside her husband as Co-Pastor for a local church. After much prayer, she understood her divine purpose was not confined to the pulpit, but to stand boldly in a dark world, shining a light so other victims of violence could find a path to freedom. As an ordained Elder she serves as the church administrator and personal administrator, under the leadership and covering of Bishop Jackie Gilbert Grant of the Sanctuary of Praise Christian Assembly Church. She is an author, has a strong background in team building, executive level administration, work force development, community outreach and motivational speaker.

As a domestic violence & sexual assault survivor, Karen Denise is fond of quoting Carl Jung: “I am not what happened to me, I am what I have chosen to become.” In short, “I am who God says that I am, healed, delivered and set free ready and able to serve the JEWEL N U.”

Karen stands firmly believing that she was ordained for a time such as this to help others not only to recognize the signs of abuse, but to empower them to rise up and be educated on what can be done to prevent such violence through education, with a determination to make a difference. Karen Denise, down through the years, has received numerous awards and recognition for serving the citizens of Savannah and intends to keep that momentum going. Want you Rise Up and say No More to domestic violence and sexual assault?

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