Meet Crystal Pitts

Crystal T. Pitts is a native of Savannah, Georgia, who has an innate passion for people, particularly women with children, the homeless and those with deferred dreams. She aspires to inspire, motivate and encourage all to understand that a goal is just a wish if we never work to make it a reality. Crystal believes that people perish due to lack of knowledge therefore that is what she seeks to provide.

Crystal Pitts is currently pursuing her PhD in Christian Ministry at Liberty University. She holds a master’s degree in Addictions Counseling from GCU and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from AASU. Crystal is a published author, coach and mentor with a strong background in web and graphic design, executive level administration, work force development and community outreach. Crystal Pitts is the CEO of Crystal-Clear Creations and Crystal-Clear Publishing with the self-development and empowerment extensions of I Am Crystal T., Crystal Clear Academy and Somebody’s Been Through It. She believes you can live your best life if you apply your best effort.

She currently serves on the board directors for Fathers Mentoring Sons and the Greater Savannah Black Chamber of Commerce. She is a proud member of Sisters Helping Sisters Social Organization For Women and is the co-director and lead mentor of Little Sisters Helping Out. Crystal Pitts aspires to launch the Van Lee Foundation to bring alcohol awareness in loving memory of her late father Van Lee Holmes. Her life goal is to retire with her husband Carlton Pitts as a pastor of a transgenerational and cross-cultural church that offers college preparation, business incubation, vocational development and hardship assistance with an extended housing program called 365 Days of Renewal to lend a hand-up and not a hand out to those in need. Stay connected with her on this journey to better days.

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