Meant To Be Happy & Free

What’s the point of being in a relationship if you are unhappy? Wouldn’t it be better to be single and unhappy?

Day after day countless women remain in relationships that they are most unhappy with, the question is why? Could it be because of the sex? Nope. I actually believe a woman can get sex whenever she wants it, so that can’t be it. Could it be for money? I think not. Women are becoming more and more independent on a daily basis. Many of whom are the breadwinners in their home. My oh my how times has changed.

The real reason for this, is because we are afraid of being alone. The idea of having no one to call your own can really play tricks on one’s mind, to the point where we constantly conpromise our happiness. It seems that we prefer to have a companion and be miserable, rather than be miserable alone. I guess that old saying is true, ‘misery loves company’.

With the advent of social media and so many wrong messages being implanted in people’s mind, the day of awakening for women is still in the distant future. Women now think it’s cool to fight over a man who has cheated on them rather than leave. Women are being verbally and physically abused by men who are dependent on them rather than the other way around, yet they stay. I for one would rather be alone than in an unhappy relationship.

I long for the day when women will put their foot down and say enough is enough. The day when a woman  confront her man and let him know he better step up or step aside. The day when a woman will put an end to compromising her happiness and start realizing her worth.

You deserve to be happy and free.

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