Can Self Coaching Really Work?

We read stories every day where someone with absolutely no experience learns how to build a complete house – structure, plumbing, electrical, everything – using only YouTube tutorials. Or a rank amateur learns how to strip a 1952 car engine and rebuild it using what they learned from a car restoration program on TV. It […]

How To Network Like A Pro

There’s no doubt that networking can give your career a good boost. Many employment opportunities are never posted, and they’re ultimately filled by someone that knew someone that knew someone else. It’s important to put yourself within that social chain. With the internet, it’s not as important to network face to face, but it’s still […]

Evaluate What Success Means To You

It’s important that we clarify our thoughts and goals in order to achieve them. Why? Because you can’t work toward something passionately, if you don’t know what it is. Success means different things to different people. And financial wealth is only a small part of overall success. In fact, you can be successful in one […]

The World On The Wheel

The world is at your fingertips and the new one is just below that. In what is possibly the world’s most famous statue, The Thinker sits, his clenched fist supporting his head. Over time his meaning has changed from thinker to dreamer and ultimately, to creator. The world is at his fingertips because his head […]

The World Needs Your Magic

I have a message for you and I want you to pay close attention to what I have to say. That business you’ve been dreaming of starting, that idea you’ve been wanting to try. You know what I’m talking about. It’s time. What are you waiting for really? Oh I get it, you must be […]

What You Really Really Want

If the 90s British pop sensation ‘the Spice Girls’ ever get remembered for anything, I hope it’s for bringing the question ‘now tell me what you want, what you really, really want?’ to the mass consciousness. When you really, really think about it, is there a more important question you could ask yourself? What is […]

Manifesting Money Is Easy

Have you any doubt that manifesting money is easy? It actually is very easy to manifest what you want, but not in the way that you think. Repeating mindless affirmation and visualizing 5 minutes at a time won’t cut it. One of the first things people do when they hear of the law of attraction […]

Manifesting Your Desires

I could make it very easy from the start and say that you are already manifesting your desires everyday, but you just don’t realize it. Most people are unconscious creators. They go about their daily lives not knowing that the thoughts they are thinking have an impact on their outside world. The Law Of Attraction, […]

Motivation & Your Personal Vision

Motivation can take you far, but it can take you even further if you first find your vision. Your vision will motivate and guide you on your journey to success and personal fullfillment. Trying to succeed at anything without first having a clear vision of what it is you want to accomplish will only lead […]