Customers Over Competition

As a business owner, start planning now for your next set of leaders so when you have earned your wings and are no longer needed down here, it will be a smooth transition. Now let me warn you about training and raising those to be the next leaders within your business though. Do not hire […]

Maxcina Gadsden, A Known Change Agent And Influencer Of Hope

Dr. Maxcina Gadsden empowerment specialist, influencer and transformational leader. She is known as a change agent and influencer of hope and teacher on how to maximize your gifts to the fullest.Speaker: Provides spiritual insights into everyday language that empowers individuals to activate purpose and maximize life to the fullest.Author: Inspiring – First book/journal coming this fall […]

Valerie Jenkins, Giving Individuals A Remarkable Shift In Their Thinking

Valerie Jenkins is an insightful speaker and successful business owner with an incredible passion for women empowerment. She brings extensive leadership and professional experience as well as vast business knowledge to inspire women to become successful in their endeavors. Valerie is the founder of CHBH Events, Creative Hands By Him, which is a full-service event […]

Dr. Roshanne Allen, Leadership Training Development At PKVision Leasership Symposium

Dr. Roshanne Allen holds her Bachelors in Business Administration from University of Baltimore and her Masters in Cross Cultural Management Administration from American Military University and she further matriculated her doctoral studies at Grand Canyon University and she also received an honorary doctorate from the Theological University of Ghana, Africa. She began her career in […]

Regina C. Hall Leads Mastermind Groups For Women In Business

Regina is a certified speaker, trainer, and coach, specializing in transformational leadership through personal and professional growth. She leads mastermind groups for women in business who desire to catapult their professional and personal development. Regina has energized numerous people and has been a featured speaker at the Les Brown Virtual Power Voice Women’s Summit, Dr. […]

Zenobia Jackson Is Helping Women Find Their Way To Holistic Wellness, Purpose And Peach

Zenobia Jackson has a passion for sisterhood and community. As a former educator for over fifteen years, and visionary/director of Butterfly Project Mid-south mentoring program for girls over eight years, she has encountered many women who are fighting for their sanity in silence. Her speaking and coaching have supported and revolutionized the minds of trailblazing youth […]

Simene’ Walden, The Student Teacher Is Helping Leaders Tell Their Story Unapologetically

Simene’ Walden, The Student Teacher, is an Educator, Publisher, Speaker, Book Coach, and Author. She helps educators and leaders tell their stories unapologetically through written and verbal communication. Simene’ understands the power of your thought life and heart posture that impacts your speech. Simene’ has assisted over 200 women and a few distinguished men within […]

Can Self Coaching Really Work?

We read stories every day where someone with absolutely no experience learns how to build a complete house – structure, plumbing, electrical, everything – using only YouTube tutorials. Or a rank amateur learns how to strip a 1952 car engine and rebuild it using what they learned from a car restoration program on TV. It […]

How To Network Like A Pro

There’s no doubt that networking can give your career a good boost. Many employment opportunities are never posted, and they’re ultimately filled by someone that knew someone that knew someone else. It’s important to put yourself within that social chain. With the internet, it’s not as important to network face to face, but it’s still […]

Call For Speakers For Our Virtual Empowerment Summit

Woman To Woman will be hosting it’s Virtual Empowerment Summit on August 28th 2021. This summit would feature some amazing women speakers, coaches, authors and experts on a variety of topics, relating to both life and business. Connecting, empowering and celebrating women is what we do. All women with a desire to share your story, message, […]