Evaluate What Success Means To You

It’s important that we clarify our thoughts and goals in order to achieve them. Why? Because you can’t work toward something passionately, if you don’t know what it is. Success means different things to different people. And financial wealth is only a small part of overall success.

In fact, you can be successful in one area and unsuccessful in others. This is why it’s important to make your own list of areas that are relevant to your life. Do this by examining your priorities in each area.

There are many areas of success that can be considered, but for the purpose of this article consider these three:

1. Career – In your career evaluation, consider your strengths and weaknesses you have that can help or hinder your from achieving your goals. Here are some questions to ask yourself, that can assist:

· Are you happy in your current career?

· Do you want a higher position?

· What income would make you happy?

· Would you like to feel appreciated by your employer?

2. Emotional – Ask yourself the following questions for your emotional success:

· Are you satisfied in your current relationship?

· Why or why not? Be willing to dig deep.

· Do you feel successful in your relationship with your family?

· What have you learned so far that can help you in the future?

3. Health – Are you doing everything you can for your overall health? If your health can use a boost, make a plan to start implementing some changes in your daily routine. And commit to leading a healthier lifestyle

The journey to success would have many highs and lows throughout your life. You may make mistakes and even experience disappointments and setbacks at times. But that’s life. The beautiful thing is, you can get back up at any time and continue moving to toward your goals.

Written with love.

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