Keisha Montfeury – An Entrepreneur With A Purpose

Keisha Montfleury is an entrepreneur with a purpose. She is currently the CEO of a California 501 C 3 non profit Abundantly Authentic and the owner of an organization called HandiWork LLC: both organizations responsibility are to encourage a generation of girls that are armed with the tools, knowledge, and resources to thrive as individuals. She hosts interactive workshops and provide resources for our girls ages 5-11 so she will not participate in risky behaviors such as self-harm and bullying. Keisha is an author of 3 books that are specifically designed to provide our girls with practical tips and tools, she is a speaker and a Certified Teen Life Coach.

Who or what inspired you to start your business?

It wasn’t until one day while my daughter was staring at herself in the mirror, I decided to ask her “What do you see when you look in there?” She turned and pointed to me. I was NOT proud of the woman that she was pointing at.

That is when I knew that I had to make a change, not only for myself, not even just for my children but I had to plant the seeds of encouragement into our young girls world wide. I started to make the necessary changes needed in order for our girls to be equipped with the tools needed to practice HEALTHY CONFIDENCE. And we believe that is based off of 5 keys, which are :

1. Knowing you have a PURPOSE

2. Practicing SELF-CARE

3. Knowing you’re on a JOURNEY

4. HEALTHY & NUTRITION does matter

5. INVESTING in yourself and others is important

Once all of these things are practiced in a mindful manner then I believe this will give our girls the best opportunity at becoming her HEALTHIEST CONFIDENT SELF.

How do you manage your work life balance?

Right now work and life balance has been challenging, especially when you look on social media or see that other people looks as if they are doing a better job at it than I may be. But I finally decided to make sure that I use the skills, and tools that I have along with knowing the needs of my family be able to practice the necessary balance for me. Once I was able to be real with myself the best way that I am practicing work/ life balance right now is making sure that I am BEING PRESENT with whatever task I am doing, or whoever I am spending time with (NO multitasking for me in this season in my life)

“For us to be able to show the world that we are very capable of handing the responsibilities that come along with being a woman of purpose.”

What motivates you when you are faced with adversity?

When I am faced with adversity I try and remember that GOD is the one that is in charge of my destiny. Meaning HE is the one that is walking me through this journey, and if HE called me to it, HE has equipped me and is surely going to take care of what needs to be done. HE will give me the necessary motivation and insight to do EXACTLY what I am supposed to be doing, and not only that HE will allow me to flourish in ways that I cannot even imagine.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

One of the most important lessons that life has taught me is that:

One of the most important relationships you will have is the one that you will have with yourself, once you understand that it is important that we care for, invest in, and value ourselves this will set you up for the second most important thing, which is. Relationship with other people, (and when I am saying relationships, I mean all types of relationships, i.e. friendships, parent-child relationships etc). Once you begin to understand your value and your worth, you will start to have standards and boundaries for other people in your lives.

And last but not least, I would just like to remind you that…

ALL OF THIS TAKES PRACTICE- this will take being intentional and mindful and having the desire to practice and do these things.

What is your take on woman to woman inspiration?

My take on woman to woman inspiration is where we as women support each other, lift each other up, create space and room for each other to expand and grown in healthy ways. For us to be able to show the world that we are very capable of handing the responsibilities that come along with being a woman of purpose.

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