Jenise Albritton – The Road Past Surviving

Jenise Albritton who goes by Jen Lo, was born and raised in Kinston, NC, now residing in Jacksonville, FL. She has had life changing experiences but found a way to endure through and get past them. On February 10, 2013, she had a life changing car accident, breaking both ankles and hip, going through the windshield. She turned what was meant to take her life into a Victory, birthing her organization Second Chance 21013. She has gone on to become a model and actress known as Jen Lo Assassin, despite challenges following the accident. She is a Youtuber, making skits and videos that share a comedic perspective on things that happen in life. She has had her own online talk show, Real Talk Second Chance, sharing testimonies around the world and helping people connect and inspire each other. She now uses her testimony and others in health and wellness to help people get fit and live a better, longer quality of life through her business with Total Life Changes. She hopes to help people around her world find their way to freedom. She believes financial freedom is the gateway to generational wealth and the freedom to live the lives we were destined and ordained to live.

Have a read of her interview with us and be inspired.

Who or what inspired you to start your business?

What inspired me to start a business with TLC was my health. The car accident February 10, 2013 left me physically broken. I was told then that I needed to lose weight. I lost weight inadvertently by being in the hospital and rehab for 2 months. I would go on to not only gain that weight back but gain more. Recovering has been more of a mental process than physical. Working out became tasking and so I just worked and ate. I ended up being 273 lbs, XXL, depressed, stressed, having trouble breathing and just a mess. My ankles got worse and I started to waddle and have chest pains. I was being what I call ‘voluntold’ by my body that I had to do something or else… I came across Total Life Changes Iaso Detox tea and I indeed did have a Total Life Change. Losing 10 lbs in my 1st two weeks I was inspired to join TLC. I became more energized and willing to rescue myself not only physically but mentally and financially. I realized it would be a way for me to reach 1 of my goals, to help and inspire people around the world 1 testimony at a time or as the company says ‘1 cup of tea at a time’. Losing 91 lbs and getting down to a small/medium and reaching rank of Director, I plan to continue helping myself and others to better health rest of my life! TLC is more than a pack of tea, it’s a whole family of people who come together across the world for the common goal of serving their communities and helping people be better versions of themselves.

“I indeed did have a total life change.”

What do you attribute to your success?

I grew up in the projects where I wasn’t necessarily part of the ‘In Crowd’. It was discouraging getting picked on and harassed on a regular basis. When I got saved at the age of 7 in New York, it changed my life. I saw a different path to take. I had new found hope in a different life outside the projects. I saw people that looked like me being successful. Living in nice homes with nice things and I made up my mind, I wanted that! From then on, everything was different and God’s hands were on me not to be a product of my environment. Over the years I gotten more involved in church, volunteering and being around those of influence who were where I wanted to be, doing what I wanted to do. The vision for my life began to change and evolve and I knew there were bigger things for me, especially after the car accident. So, to sum it all up… What do I attribute to my success? God! I am God’s Property! I am His child! He has shown me much grace, mercy and favor and I am Thankful for it each day I get to see a new day!

“The vision for my life began to change and evolve and I knew there were bigger things for me”

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

The most important lesson life has taught me is that we all have a choice! I have the right to choose how I will live my life, what path to go down! I can chose to pursue my dreams. I can choose to use my God given talents to make an impact in my life and the world or let them die. The graveyard has more dreams and visions than any place in the world. I chose to bring life to my passions. I’ve been through a lot. I like many have had my 40 days in the wilderness but I’ve made up my mind that God’s Promise land is where I will end up. I’m not perfect but, I am gifted! I choose to use my gifts to reach the multitude. Choices, we all have them. If you chose nothing, nothing will be what you receive. Don’t be afraid to choose the wrong thing, those are called experiences and lessons. Chose what you think is best, move forward and learn from that choice. Choose yourself! Choose your dreams! Choose Life!

What do you hope to accomplish in the near future?

I want to have a non-profit organization that helps those who have lost their way get back on track to their dreams. I want to motivate and inspire those who may have had life changing events where they have a choice to let that situation keep them stuck or use it to their advantage and turn it into a Victory! I plan on helping thousands of people in their health and hitting the rank of Executive Ambassador in TLC. I will be an award winning author and speaker. I also want to be an award winning actress as that is a form of speaking. As Denzel said, he has spoken to Millions through his movies which has actually lead to speaking engagements around the world. I will do the same! I know I Can. I know I Will and therefore I has to happen! I Believe!!!

“I feel like God gives women a superpower to be the backbone, the rib to unlock the special and beautiful things in this world.”

What is your take on woman to woman inspiration?

My view is that there are many young ladies and women out there that no one speaks life to. I feel like God gives women a superpower to be the backbone, the rib to unlock the special and beautiful things in this world. I am so happy and grateful for the women in my life that speak life to me everyday. My amazing Coach Nikki Alexandria encourages me and helps guide me through not just as a business partner but as a friend who cares about my life and gives advice and nuggets to help me thrive. I have some amazing teammates in Team U.N.I.T.Y. in TLC, who encourage each other every day. Honestly, they have been a major part of what has gotten me through 2020 and the many challenges it has presented for the whole world this year. Seeing them win and accomplish goals helps me stay encouraged, enthusiastic and excited about my own goals. Keeps me Believing!

How can readers find out more about your business and connect with you online?

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