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Chamar Latanja is an author, speaker, Transformation Coach, and full time entrepreneur. She is the former Editor in Chief of the She Wins Society blog, as well as a choice coach for the She Wins Society Coaches Council. She has had an essay published, titled “A Letter to My Young Sisters” as well as a #1 new seller e-book called “The Seven Day Slay!” on Amazon and other platforms. Her book, The Thirty Day Slay! was published on October 31, 2017 and is now an international book, selling in the United States, South Africa and the UK. She was featured as one of “10 Winning Women” for Women By Choice Global, along with a full page article as a Winning Woman for Women By Choice. Chamar has also received acceptance into the Forbes For The Culture Leadership program and has been featured and interviewed for numerous live streams, focused on women’s empowerment and growth. Chamar is also a well-traveled motivational speaker and ambassador. Chamar currently has coaching programs for women helping them to rebuild, transform, reclaim their power and boldly walk in purpose!

Who or What Inspired You to Start Your Business?

I always say that I did not choose my business, my business chose me and it is truly purpose based. My marriage ended over 7yrs ago and I found myself on a journey to….find myself. During that time I faced so many different trials, being evicted from my apartment, depressed, anxious, guilt ridden, angry to say the least; it was all truly a whirlwind! Some days I was empowered, some days I was a mess crying all day, every day I knew that I needed help. I started seeing a therapist at this time and began unpacking a lot. As I started this honestly gut wrenching process, I began to remember all of the gifts and talents that I had walked away from. During this time I also started meeting other divorced women and it was almost like the Scarlet Letter…so many women were ashamed to say out loud that they were divorced, and felt almost ashamed of the process, because in my experience for a little while, as a woman you are the outcast at times. Fast forward, I was sharing with another friend of mine my emotional experience and she said to me “that’s totally normal, it will be like a rollercoaster for a while but it will even out soon”. I remember feeling shocked because I thought I had like bipolar disorder! Only to find out that it was normal! THIS is when I decided that I needed to do something. I wanted to help other women truly and freely rebuild, transform and reclaim their power when starting over. I wanted women to know that it’s possible, you are not alone and there are tools and resources to help them as there were for me.

What Do You Attribute to Your Success?

I would be totally remiss if I didn’t answer this question with God first. To God be all the glory because me myself? My frustration makes me want to quite but my faith keeps me going. When I think about all of the close calls that I had with bills, money and the basics…and I realize that I have never gone without, I am thankful. This entire process, the stress, the strength, the growth, I mean yes I have support and I strategize, but my God keeps me solution based and stable. Also my resilience, I legit never give up! I may want to, I may scream to and I will yell that I quite through tears, but I don’t. I feel like I am either going to fight like crazy for the life that I want now or fight against a life that I don’t want later. You’ve got to understand that talent does not equal success! Like at all! We see that within the entertainment world, but hard word, resilience, consistency, does. I will add an extra layer to that and say that I do my very best to sow really great seeds because I want to reap that back and it’s the right thing to do. Also, my circle of influence is really great, I do not have anyone within my inner circle that’s going to bring me down

“I can either fight for the life that I want now, or fight against the life that I don’t want later”.

What Motivates You When You Are Faced with Adversity?

So here’s the thing about adversity, you have to make peace with it. Point, blank and period because adversity is the only way we grow. My Pastor, Tyren Gaskins quite often says that “faith that has not been tested cannot be trusted”. How can you gain strength, discipline, resilience without adversity? Think about how you find your solutions…when you go through adversity. You have to train your spirit, mind and actions to look at adversity as opportunity. Opportunity to do just about anything, grow money, get organized, find your purpose, there are truly no limits! So when I face adversity (after I am done being dramatic, like I’m strong but I’m also me I’ll boss up after being dramatic) I get excited, because I know that a higher level is coming and that’s what motivates me. I look at the present moment, only to get out of the present moment, but my motivation is this; I can either fight for the life that I want now, or fight against the life that I don’t want later.

What Has Been Your Most Satisfying or Rewarding Moment In Business?

Easily my coaching programs! I love traveling and speaking, but coaching women one on one and in groups is truly a dope thing for me because I can see their growth. I always knew that my programs were purpose based, but there was a defining moment when I realized, this is it. I had a client who was on an anti-anxiety medication and I am not a doctor so I will never tell anyone what they should and shouldn’t be taking, but I realized that her anxiety was triggered by life issues and feeling like she had no control. So how do we get that control back? We put a plan in place and she talked to her psychiatrist, eventually she went from 150mg of her meds down to 75mg and it was a GREAT moment! She is just one of many clients that I am honored to guide and see win! I could’ve quit, I wanted to quit and honestly, being an entrepreneur isn’t easy and sometimes, rarely, but sometimes I still want to quit. These moments keep me going, watching the women in my group coaching network go from strangers to friends which adds another layer of support, all things that I love! Satisfying and rewarding are great words to use because I am often left speechless!

“There is power and safety that can be so sacred when women inspire each other”.

What Is Your Take on Woman to Woman Inspiration?

Women, we need each other. I constantly hear “Oh I only deal with men, I don’t deal with women” for a host of reasons, and I get it. I have faced my fair share of betrayals, jealousy, cattiness but here’s the thing….I have faced that from women and men! Maybe more from women sure, but still that can come from anywhere. Women understand each other because the reality is, our situations are very similar if we open up. There is power and safety that can be so sacred when women inspire each other. We say that representation matters and it does, when we see another women doing her thing, it reminds us that we can do that too. Women, heal from your past hurts, strengthen your discernment so you can be around the right people then inspire…and be inspired.

How Can Readers Find Out More About Your Business and Connect With You Online?

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