Meet Olga Williams

I had to humble myself and recognize that I AM more than JUST A mother, sister, friend and wife. I had to understand that my personal life and lifes purpose are not two in the same. I AM an entrepreneur, I AM a business owner, I AM a Motivational Speaker, I AM a mentor, I AM a light, I AM a force, I AM greatness, I AM respect, I AM love, and I am indeed an Icon. I AM all those things and my talents and skills of being a master cosmetologist (my gift) made room for my purpose. I use every beauty session to empower others to get to their fullest potential. Icons Hair Studio & Boutique is an oasis where women of many different walks of life can come and just experience a beauty session like never before.

Olga Williams
Owner of Icons Hair Studio & Boutique

What inspired you to go into this business?

I was inspired to create Icons hair Studio and Boutique because my family is a family of entrepreneurs as well as I have had the opportunity to be groomed by some amazing stylist and I know that once I focused and knew my purpose there wasn’t any stopping Icons to flourish.

To what do you attribute your success?

What do I contribute the success of Icons to building meaningful relationships and partnerships with my clients. Much more than just a hair appointment but the integrity of each service I render is like no other beauty session experience.

How do you manage your work life balance?

It has taken great discipline to balance my business and my personal life. It is so easy to get caught up into just making the money, but I realized early that life is here now and every moment, second of my time is valuable and there isn’t any room for replays.

What would you like to share with anyone who is thinking about becoming an entrepreneur?

For anyone wanting to become an entrepreneur my advise would be to focus on what makes you happy and soul search into that purpose that is waiting to be ignited within.

How can readers find out more about your business?

To find out more about Icons hair Studio and Boutique or to schedule a consultation / beauty session call me directly  at 912-604-4506 or follow us on Facebook or Instagram @Icons Hair Studio and Boutique.

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